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No Sex But An Awesome Cumshot For This Bondage Slave Girl

by on Dec.15, 2009, under Girls Spanked

This sexy slave’s mouth got stretched to the limit by this massive ball gag and her lips look amazing clamped tight around it as her male dom wanks himself off off over face before spunking all over her hair and straight in the eye.  He slapped the gagged submissive right in the face with his hard cock and rubbed his cum up her nostrils filling her nose with his sticky seed.


She squealed and squirmed but this blond slave girl had been tied so tightly for these pictures, that she had no possibility of escaping her tormentors who had relentlessly tortured and humiliated her for this amazing set of pictures and full video scene which they then posted at their website Disgraced18.  If your a fan of extreme bondage and BDSM sex then you owe it to yourself to check out the free videos posted there.  I have never seen any submissive sluts elsewhere that take this level of abuse and degradation!

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Nasty Bondage Sex In These Pics And Videos

by on Dec.15, 2009, under Girls Spanked

Hahahaha, check out the look on this slave bitch’s face as she realises the full horror of what is about to happen to her, tied up tight with bondage tape her wrists were handcuffed and a giant rubber cock stuffed deep into her pussy fucking her at the exact moment that her second tormentor ripped back her cheeks and applied a brutal looking fish hook to the submissive slut.


She squealed and tried to scream but her cries for help were muffled by the fingers of her male dom.  He held her eyes open and forced her to watch the grotesque site of the other male dom penetrating her tight little snatch and fucking her deep.  I am positive that this girl has NEVER EVER been fucked this way before haha :D These pictures have to be seen to be believed as does the movies!

If your a fan of hardcore extreme bondage and BDSM then head over to Disgraced18 and check out the masters of perverse humilation at work.  Their videos are so fucking awesome I personally can’t get enough!

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Hot Girl Tortured And Subjected To Hardcore Bondage Sex

by on Dec.12, 2009, under Girls Spanked

This hot young woman couldn’t have imagined what lay in store for her when she turned up for a shoot with the sick bastards that run Disgraced18.  As soon as she had signed the paperwork she was led to the studio and then totally abused and humiliated.  They tied this newly enslaved bitch and forced her to the floor before stuffing her mouth with a pink ballgag and taking it in turns to fuck her hard from behind.  She whimpered and squealed then managed to spit out the ballgag.  One of the male doms was angered by this and spanked the disobedient cunt hard. She squealed with pain so he ripped off her necklace and then stuffed that into her mouth whilst his fellow male dom began to fuck her deep in the ass!


I love scenes of hardcore BDSM but these guys take things to the EXTREME!  I kinda feel sorry for some of the girls that they end up humiliating but then at the same time I get so fucking turned on I just have to beat off.  If only my spunk could end up on her face just like theirs did!

Download the video of this fucked up Bondage session only at Disgraced18.

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Extreme Bondage Sex Left This Girl In Tears

by on Dec.09, 2009, under Girls Spanked

Holy crap this blond slave girl got abused fucking bad when she turned up for a shoot with the fucked up crew over at Disgraced18!  They tied her up and then chained her legs open wide before two of them took it in turns to punish, fuck and generally abuse her.  Check out this crazy pic of her her gagging and choking on this thick cock as she is subjected to a brutal piledriver blowjob and teabagging combo!


Meanwhile the second Dom amused himself by fucking her tight little pussy with a pneumatic fucking machine with a huge dildo attached to it.  Her cunt had never been fucked so hard in her life im sure.  After torturing the tied up slut for over an hour they finally cut her free and she fled for the door. No doubt she cried herself to sleep that night the stupid fucking whore hehe ;)

Get over to Disgraced18 and see this fucked up shit for yourself. I’ve been a BDSM fan for years but these guys take humiliation and punishment to a whole new fucking level!

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Hot Blond Girl Gets Fucked And Spanked

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Girls Spanked

Blindfolded and bound with thick leather restraints that chained her ankles to her wrists this slut wife is mercilessly fucked and punished by her dominant male partner.  He slams her tight pussy with a huge black rubber cock before pulling the dildo out and clubbing her with it repeatedly. He then unfastens his jeans and proceeds to fuck his captive slut whilst she screams with pain and pleasure whilst laid out on her kitchen table!


I found this hot slut whilst surfing over at Restrained Girls, its a new site but rammed full of free daily updated galleries so I figured I should share the tip with you guys :)

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Wife And Friend Get Spanked On Bed

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Girls Spanked

These two young women got talked into trying out some bondage fun by a smooth talking wannabe Dom.  He handcuffed them to the woodwork of his bed and then tied their ankles together with a long length of rope.  Once he had them securely bound he ran his hand up the stockings clad legs of the brunette girl and then spanked her hard on the ass three times.  She giggled and squirmed with pleasure even though her ass cheek burned with pain….

04 (5)

I found these sluts over at Restrained Girls which is rammed full of free bondage pictures and is updated everyday.

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Blindfolded Blond Girl Tied To Stairs And Spanked

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Girls Spanked

This sexy young blond slave girl found herself being blindfolded by her boyfriend then tied up to her stair case before he ripped down her denim jeans to expose her bare ass which he began to pound with the palm of his hand spanking it harder and harder as she squealed with a mixture of pain and pleasure.  She mockingly pleaded with him to be released which only spurred him on further as he continued to spank her before tugging her thong to one side and inserting himself inside her. He began to fuck her banging her head hard against the woodwork of the staircase whilst all the time continuing to spank her tight ass and taking pictures of the whole event.


You can see the pictures from this bondage session posted at Amateur Tied.

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Skinny Submissive Girl On A Leash Gets Spanked

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Girls Spanked

Wearing only her high heels and black fishnet stockings this  skinny submissive slave has had a red leather dog collar fastened around her throat and a leather leash attached.  Her master paraded her around their home as she crawled on all fours like a subdued animal ready to react to her master’s every command.  He made her beg like a dog then allowed her to suck his cock briefly whilst he shot some more pictures…


He pulled his cock away from her before he prematurely ejaculated and began to chastise his bondage slave forcing her away from him and turning her around so that her bare ass was exposed to him.  He began to beat it hard with the palm of his hand spanking her until her cheeks glowed bright red!

This pair are regular contributors at Amateur Tied often sending in complete sets of pics showcasing their perverse bondage lifestyles with other members of the site.  Visit now to see this slave girl spanked hard.

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Long Legged Thin Girl Restrained Then Spanked

by on Oct.18, 2009, under Girls Spanked

Restrained with some handcuffs this tall skinny slave girl has been pushed down to her knees and cuffed with her hands behind her back.  Her master then shoved her against the wall and began to spank her hard on the ass. She tried to cover up with her hands but he gripped her wrist and pulled them out of the way to allow her punishment to be doled out.  Thoroughly spanked she fell to the floor panting and recovering her breath whilst her boyfriend continued to take pictures of his submissive girl in bondage.


Amateur Tied has all of the submitted pics of this girl being spanked.

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Handcuffed Teen Bondage Girl Gets Spanked

by on Oct.18, 2009, under Girls Spanked

This amazing nineteen year old girl has one of the hottest bodies I have ever seen and it gets abused badly in this amazing set of amateur bondage pictures. With her arms handcuffed tightly behind her back at both the wrists AND elbows she is powerless to resist the advances of her boyfriend who jammed a sock in her mouth and then gagged  it shut.  She could feel the metal of the handcuffs digging into her arms and the elbows where they were applied too tight but her master cared little for the physical pain she was experiencing. If anything it drove him on further.


Kicking her in the back of the knees he forced her down to the floor then yanked hard on her hair almost pulling it from its roots.  He shoved her face to the floor until the carpet burnt her face where her cheek was being forced into it.  Fumbling with her jeans he unfastened them and pulled them down to expose a delicious tight looking ass which he began to beat mercilessly spanking it hard until it throbbed and tears rolled down the girls cheek where she began to cry.  She had agreed to experiment with bondage but had no idea how far her new master would take things.  Her ass felt like it was on fire from where it had been spanked and she was aware of her master pulling her up off the floor. Suddenly his cock was thrust into her face and she had no choice but to suck his cock as her sock gag was removed and replaced with his purple headed womb ferret which began fucking her throat so deeply she thought she would vomit.

Emptying his load deep into her throat her master then proceeded to post the pictures he had taken online at Amateur Tied for all of us bondage fans to see and enjoy!

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